Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Y'all Come Back Now 'ya Hear?

Hi everyone, I have just decided to start my nail blog after being into this beauty product for soooooooo many years; HEY better late than never right. I am not really a pro at how all this blogging stuff goes so please bear with me ok.

Before I get into telling you about my first mani I must give a big, big THANK YOU to my best friend and fellow blogger Lacquerice ( lack-er-riss) for encouraging me and supporting me in this process of blogging.

For my first post I am showing you a simple mani with a simple nail art graphic. The polish I used in this mani is OPI's "Y'all come back now ya hear", I don't have to tell you that OPI is synonymous for awesome & quality in Lacquer Land and for its lasting appearance. I applied two coats to reach opacity along with one layer of top coat. The palm tree I drew by hand based from a video I watched briefly.

Well this concludes my first post, I will be participating in the next month's nail polish challenge days so y'all come back now ya hear!!