Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 ~~> Gradient Nails

Woohoo!!!! Day 10 Ladies and we are moving right along. Gradient Nails; Now, I haven't yet mastered this technique but I will some day. This would be my second attempt at gradient nails I just have to practice, practice, practice. Lol

The polishes I used today were all different brands but they all meshed well together. I used OPI; I think in Pink, Sally Hansen; Tough Chick, American Apparel; Angeline and Kleen Colors; Holo Pink. I put scotch tape around my fingernails to cover as much of my skin as I could so that way clean up would be a breeze. I made the OPI polish my base and then put the Sally Hansen and the American Apparel polishes on my makeup sponge and started sponging away till the desired look. I also put a thin layer of Kleen Color Holo Pink to give it some sparkle. I topped off this mani with a thick layer of Rush Top Coat but that's because I don't like to feel the glitter on the tops of my nails.

There you have it Ladies. Have a great day.