Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 ~~> Orange Nails

Gooood Morning Nail Polish Divas!! Happy Tuesday and welcome back to my blog. Today is day 2 and its already harder than I thought. I did my nails last night when I got home from work at Midnight. But I accepted this challenge and I'm going to do it!!

Today's mani I am wearing China Glaze "Riveting". Now for this particular color the name is so appropriate because just the 1st coat and that's what your thinking "WOW, this color is Riveting!!" I used 2 coats, on the accent finger I just made a quick little design, just some lines and of course a little glitter. Thanks to Rush top coat that I picked up from Sally's a few weeks ago and this mani is complete.

Let me know if you think this color is "Riveting". Ta~Ta